Using VisualStudio Code to Sync Files in Turnkey Linux VM

To keep my working environment clean, I choose to use the ready-to-use Turnkey Linux Yii Framework VM in VirtualBox instead of creating everything from scratch in OSX. I plan to edit codes locally using Visual Studio Code and sync changes with VM by SFTP Protocol. Here is how I do.

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Fail to Launch TurnKey Linux in VirtualBox After Importing

TurnKey Linux should be the easiest way to test new applications. Download, unzip, and import to your VM. Now you are ready to launch.

But it doesn’t work after upgrading my Oracle VM VirtualBox, I cannot boot to VM after importing. It just stops and halt. At first, I think something wrong with my file. But after downloading it again, it is still the same.

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Optimize TurnKey Linux for ZurmoCRM

It’s not easy to install ZurmoCRM and that’s why I encourage beginners to Test your ZurmoCRM with VirtualBox. Although it is much faster than start from scratch, it is not perfect. You may need to modify some configurations and install extra package to keep it stable and accelerate performance.

This post will be updated when I found more optimization in the future.

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