Install Mac OSX on a Windows Hard Drive

If you install OS X on a Windows7/8-installed hard drive, it won’t boot into OS X. You need to overwrite existing GUID created by Windows 7/8 during partitioning.

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Prerequisite Before you Install ZurmoCRM on Thecus NAS running ThecusOS 6

Before you install ZurmoCRM, please make sure you have meet the LAMP requirements. They will help ZurmoCRM to run faster and more responsive on your ThecusOS 6.

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Use TurnKey to Simplify ownCloud Installation

TurnKey is an convenient way to test new software without changing your work environment. No need to worried about the extra package or configuration might make your system becomes unstable. I like it very much!

I was looking for a Droprbox-like solution for backup small or frequently changed files. It must keep versions, auto-sync, and fast. Iomega Quick Sync is my favorite in 2001 but it’s not available in Linux and haven’t update for a long time. [Cloud] OwnCloud, a self-owned DropBox-Like Server(Chinese Version) catch my eye. Because ownCloud is available on TurnKey, I download and test it in VirtualBox. I also install the ownCloud desktop sync client in OpenSuSE 12.3 and it works great on Linux.

I am going to show you how to test TurnKey ownCloud in VirtualBox and share how I may use it in production.

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