Initializing and Inviting Viewers on Private Sites

When I am implementing CRM projects, I always create a private site for internal marketing. It helps end users to find resource and feedback. Let me explain how to initialize a private site and invite viewers on in this post.

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Different Languages in WordPress Theme and Admin

In my previous WordPress project, we need to provide contents for Japanese reader. I work with a marketing team who is not familiar with Japanese. They would like to work with Traditional Chinese but the WordPress localization would turn every thing into local language. How to keep theme with Japanese while admin with Traditional Chinese?

I am going to explain bi-language WordPress in the following orders:

  1. Theme in Traditional Chinese while Admin in English
  2. Theme in English while Admin in Traditional Chinese
  3. Theme in Japanese while Admin in Traditional Chinese or Japanese

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How to Get Data in Salesforce from WordPress Without Authentication?

It’s easy to create content in WordPress. But what if we need to get data from Salesforce? For example, if I want to show the total registered number of a campaign, what should I do?

So far as I know, there are two different solution.

  1. Embedded Salesforce page in WordPress
  2. Get data through Salesforce REST API

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Secure wp-config.php and Restrict database privileges to protect your database

It is easy to setup and run your WordPress Site but difficult to protect from hackers and spam. That’s why I choose to adopt the free which helps me to focus on contents.

When I setup WordPress for my customers, I will secure wp-config.php and limit the database account to current WordPress database only. It prevent access to the WordPress configuration file which contains the database account and password in non-encrypted format. Even if they get the file, the database user account is limited to access the WordPress database.

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