Contents in Secure External HDD is Encrypted

Buffalo HD-LX2TU3 is my first secured external HDD box. Because I am not comfortable with the high operation temperature and the small power adapter, I decide to open the case, move the hard drive to QNAP TS-112, and use the SATA to USB 3.0 bridge as a quick connector.

I use the bridge to clone the hard drive in my Lenovo C440 AIO to a new SSHD. When I swap them, it never boot up.

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Match Hard Disk Startup Current with Power Adapter Output Current

When I was looking for a new hard disk for my Network-attached storage (aka NAS), I found the startup current of Seagate ST2000DM001 (aka Barracuda or Desktop HDD) in my Buffalo HD-LX2TU3 is 2.5A and output current of the adapter is 1.5A. It requires 67% higher than the adapter could offer. Is it safe use of electricity usage and okay to my hard disk?

I didn’t know and decide to research.

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