Optimize LAMP for SugarCRM

When porting ZurmoCRM onto NAS, I saw many of them provide SugarCRM. You may found it in TurnKey Linux SugarCRM which is easier to setup.

I list a series of questions related to SugarCRM and take my notes here.

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Optimize TurnKey Linux for ZurmoCRM

It’s not easy to install ZurmoCRM and that’s why I encourage beginners to Test your ZurmoCRM with VirtualBox. Although it is much faster than start from scratch, it is not perfect. You may need to modify some configurations and install extra package to keep it stable and accelerate performance.

This post will be updated when I found more optimization in the future.

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How Multi-Core Processors Accelerate your LAMP Applications

My QNAP TS-269L comes with an Intel Atom D2701 which has dual-core with hyper-threading. The File Transfer Performance is better than my other NAS using Marvell single core processor. But does the multithreading architecture really is the key to improve LAMP performance? Well, it’s a long story…

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