Chrome OS: My Missing Manual

Here is a list of accelerators and how-to related to Chrome OS. It will be maintained and updated regularly.

Table of Contens

  1. Accelerators
  2. Mini How-To
    1. Replace internal battery in Acer Chromebase
    2. Resetting an Acer Chromebase


Screen Capture

Whole ScreenCtrl + F5
Select PartialCtrl + Shift + F5

Function Keys

F1Previous PageF5Window ListF9Decrease Volumn
F2Next PageF6Decrease BrightnessF10Increase Volumn
F3ReloadF7Increase Brightness
F4Full WindowF8Quiet

Virtual Desk

Move to the DeskWindows Search + [
Move to the Right DeskWindows Search + ]
Move the Current Active Window to the Left DeskWindows Search + Shift + [
Move the Current Active Window to the Right DeskWindows Search + Shift + ]


Lock ScreenWindows Search + L
There is no way to suspend. It would suspend after 5 minutes inactive.
Show All AcceleratorsCtrl + Alt + /
SearchWindows Search


Open Closed a tab or tabs in the same windowCtrl + Alt + T

Mini How-To

Replace internal battery in Acer Chromebase

When I got the second-hand Chromebase, I cannot connect to my WiFi router. It’s due to the wrong system date and time. It won’t keep the updated setting because the battery is dead already.

Then I open the case with the iFixit Opening Tool beginning from the lower speakers. There is a motherboard in the middle. Take off protections to replace the CR2032 battery as below.

Acer Chromebase Motherboard
Acer Chromebase Motherboard

Resetting an Acer Chromebase

Resetting a ChomeOS machine is different to CloudReady. The later disable powerwash by default.

According to Acer, there are three different methods to reset. I restore to factory default by:

  1. Click on the displayed time on lower right corner.
  2. Open the ChromeOS setting page by clicking ⚙ in the dialog.
  3. Search for “powerwash”.
  4. Run to reset everything to factory default.


  1. Google: Chromebook Help: Chromebook keyboard shortcuts
  2. Wiki: Chrome OS
  3. Google: Virtual desks
  4. iFixit: iFixit Opening Tool
  5. Acer: Reset the Acer Chromebase

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