Chrome OS: My Missing Manual

Here is a list of accelerators and how-to related to Chrome OS. It will be maintained and updated regularly.


Screen Capture

Whole Screen[Ctrl] + [F5]
Select Window to File[Ctrl] + [Shift] + [F5]


Lock Screen[Windows Search] + [L]
There is no way to suspend. Just lock the screen and it would suspend later.
Show All Accelerators[Ctrl] + [Alt] + [/]


Open Closed a tab or tabs in the same window[Ctrl] + [Alt] + [T]

Mini How-To

Replace internal battery in Acer Chromebase

When I got the second-hand Chromebase, I cannot connect to my WiFi router. It’s due to the wrong system date and time. It won’t keep the updated setting because the battery is dead already.

Then I open the case with the iFixit Opening Tool beginning from the lower speakers. There is a motherboard in the middle. Take off protections to replace the CR2032 battery as below.

Acer Chromebase Motherboard
Acer Chromebase Motherboard

Resetting an Acer Chromebase

According to this page, there are three different methods to reset. I search for “powerwash” in the ChromeOS setting page and execute.


  1. Google: Chromebook Help: Chromebook keyboard shortcuts
  2. Wiki: Chrome OS
  3. iFixit: iFixit Opening Tool
  4. Acer: Reset the Acer Chromebase

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