Remote Access VM on VirtualBox from Google Chrome

I need to run a Windows desktop application to keep track of my expanse. Because CodeWeavers needs Android and Asus ChromeBox CN60 doesn’t have Android support yet according to the list, the only solution is remote access.

My experiment with QNAP Virtualization Station is good but it loses keyboard input sometimes. I have to refresh the page to get it back again. Therefore, I give phpVirtualBox a shot.

Eventually, I realize the lack of RDP-compatible client on ChromeOS makes it impossible to access VirtualBox from CN60.

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Fail to Launch TurnKey Linux in VirtualBox After Importing

TurnKey Linux should be the easiest way to test new applications. Download, unzip, and import to your VM. Now you are ready to launch.

But it doesn’t work after upgrading my Oracle VM VirtualBox, I cannot boot to VM after importing. It just stops and halt. At first, I think something wrong with my file. But after downloading it again, it is still the same.

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Test your ZurmoCRM with VirtualBox

It’s not easy to prepare Linux for ZurmoCRM. You need to install extra features like php5-curl, php5-memche, Alternative PHP Cache,  memcached, and etc. You also need to modify default settings in php.ini and my.cnf (for MySQL).

Turnkey with VirtualBox may save your time! Just download ZurmoCRM VM from TurnKey, launch in VirtualBox, change network ip setting, and you may use your browser on host system to test ZurmoCRM.

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