Turnkey Linux: My Missing Manual

Here is a list of files and directories, mini how-to, and etc. related to TurnKey Linux[1]. It will be maintained and updated regularly.

Files and Directories

Configuration files, executables, directories, and etc. are maintained in this post[2].

Mini How-To

Create Customized TurnkeyLinux App Images

For creating a self-contained, no-default-password, no-default-IP image, use TKLDev[3]. This doc[4] explains from creating the first image, make changes, and etc.

Default Username for MySQL/Maria DB Adminer on V15.0

The default username is “adminer” according to a post in the forum[5]. Detail comparison of Adminer and phpMyAdmin can be found in the section “Adminer and phpMyAdmin Comparision” and “More Points to Compare” of “Adminer vs PHPMyAdmin”[6].


  1. TurnKey Linux
  2. TurnKey Linux Configuration and Executable Files
  3. TurnKey Linux: TKLDev
  4. GitHub: turnkeylinux-apps/tkldev/docs
  5. TurnKey Linux: Home/Forums/Support/Default username for Adminer?
  6. WPOven Blog: Adminer vs PHPMyAdmin

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