Reset your Lenovo Computer with Windows 8

If you have try Recover Lenovo One Key Rescue after Resizing Partitions and may boot to OneKey Recovery, you shall be able to boot to OneKey Recovery to reinstall to factory default.

But as Steve mentioned in Super User: Lenovo One-Key Recovery Feature broken after resizing partition, you may also follow the [Remove everything and reinstall Windows] in How to refresh, reset, or restore your PC. It’s not free, you need to have a Windows RE Flash Drive and have access to PBR_DRV partition.

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Quickly Reset the Hard Disk in your QNAP Device as New

In the next few months, I am going to port ZurmoCRM onto QNAP. I might need to test different configuration and need to reinstall QTS several times. Remove the hard disk and use SATA to USB bridge to kill partition takes too much time. Instead, you may SSH to login, then clean QTS partition with dd. or remove with fdisk.

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Fix Windows 8 Hidden Recovery Partition

ClonZilla refused to create disk images because it found something wrong with the file system in two partitions. One of them is PBR_DRV which is a recovery partitions. I cannot see it in Windows 8.

After running a disk check on the visible partition, ClonZilla may create disk images for it but still stops for error in PBR_DRV. It seems I must do a disk check on PRB_DRV. But how can I check a non-visible partition?

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How to Fix Windows 8 Boot Error

When I was setting up my new Lenovo C440, Windows 8.1 refused to boot after a restore from ClonZilla. and complains about error in boot partition. It try to fix automatically but still fail to boot.

I can see my Windows partition but not sure what’s the problem. It was recovery by fixing master boot record (MBR), boot sector, and rebuild the boot configuration data (BCD).

If you have the same boot fail problem like me, try to fix them first.

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Recover Lenovo One Key Rescue after Resizing Partitions

If you have use EaseUs Partition Master to resize your Windows 8 partitions, you might have problem to create Windows recover drive, fail to backup or recover to factory with pre-installed recovery tool.

I just bought a Lenovo C440. It comes with Windows 8 and OneKey Recovery. My experience is based on the combination.

Because the default partition size is too small for my C drive, I use EaseUs Partition Master to re-size. Then I cannot launch to OneKey Recovery for backup or recovery. I also fail to create a USB recovery drive using [Recovery] in [Control Panel].

It took me several days to figure out what’s going wrong. In short, it’s all related to the partition type which EaseUs Partition Master cannot handle properly. I will show you how to solve these problems.

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