Change the Default Authentication from Text to Database in Yii

If you follow the instruction in Create a Web Application with yiic in TurnKey Linux to generate a web application, the default authentication is text-based. Let’s change to database-based.

Before continue reading, please follow Play Yii Framework with TurnKey Linux to create database table tbl_user and model User which we are going to use for authentication later. If you want to learn more about how authentication works in a generated web application, How Login is handled in Yii Framework will help.

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Capture Salesforce Outbound Message with a PHP SOAP Listener

To integrate Salesforce and other system, you need to make sure they may communicate with each other.

Web-to-lead is an example for Salesforce to capture message from others. Another example is a variant of “Get data through Salesforce REST API” section in my last post. You may change the Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL) in Apex code into Salesforce Object Search Language (SOSL) for more flexible database operation in Salesforce.

Another case is when Salesforce need to pass data to other service. This is our focus. Here I am going to how to capture Salesforce Outbound Message with PHP.

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