Fail to Launch TurnKey Linux in VirtualBox After Importing

TurnKey Linux should be the easiest way to test new applications. Download, unzip, and import to your VM. Now you are ready to launch.

But it doesn’t work after upgrading my Oracle VM VirtualBox, I cannot boot to VM after importing. It just stops and halt. At first, I think something wrong with my file. But after downloading it again, it is still the same.

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Fix Windows 8 Hidden Recovery Partition

ClonZilla refused to create disk images because it found something wrong with the file system in two partitions. One of them is PBR_DRV which is a recovery partitions. I cannot see it in Windows 8.

After running a disk check on the visible partition, ClonZilla may create disk images for it but still stops for error in PBR_DRV. It seems I must do a disk check on PRB_DRV. But how can I check a non-visible partition?

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How to Fix Windows 8 Boot Error

When I was setting up my new Lenovo C440, Windows 8.1 refused to boot after a restore from ClonZilla. and complains about error in boot partition. It try to fix automatically but still fail to boot.

I can see my Windows partition but not sure what’s the problem. It was recovery by fixing master boot record (MBR), boot sector, and rebuild the boot configuration data (BCD).

If you have the same boot fail problem like me, try to fix them first.

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Stop Launching Intel Graphic and Media Control Panel in Every Boot Up

Just restore my Lenovo ThinkPad T410i to factory setting and update everything. The Intel Graphic and Media Control Panel jump out asking for setting every time boot up. It seems I am not the only one.

I try to use msconfig.exe to see if it loads gfxui.exe (Intel Graphic and Media Control Panel) automatically but get nothing. It’s no available in registry, either.

The only solution is to download the official driver from Lenovo. According to your model, you will be redirect to a page. Look for “Display and Video Graphics” section and download the latest Intel HD Graphic (Integrated) Driver for your operation system.

After install the driver from Lenovo, the Intel Graphic and Media Control Panel won’t bother me again.


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