Linux: My Missing Manual

Some Linux commands are useful but I didn’t use it very often. Here I prepare a list to look up faster. It will be maintained and updated here.

  1. cat
  2. e2fsck: Check and Repair File System
  3. find: Look for files in directories
  4. free: Check Memory Usage
  5. ifconfig: Manage Network Interface
  6. rm -rf <directory>: Remove directories and contents
  7. tar: Compress or decompress directories and contents
  8. Accelerators

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FileSync for Different Device

There are many file synchronization software available. It compares source with target and copy only the changed files. Save time for a full copy.

You may choose online storage like and Dropbox. They both have version for undelete. SkyDrive seems only have recycle bin without version. provides Version History in paid subscription. Unfortunately, Neither SkyDrive nor have official Linux client.

But for private data, huge and archived files, I will backup to external storage or NAS. Here I am going to explain my preferred software for different devices.

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