Localize Your SugarCRM in TurnKey Linux

Although I preferred to use SugarCRM Community Edition with English menu, it might be better to localize for easier implement. I download virtual machine from TurnKey Linux: SugarCRM and import to VirtualBox. Here are some tech notes to launch with localized menu.

Import as Debian x64

While importing, the default Guest OS Type is Other/Unknown, you need to manually choose Linux→Debian (64 bit) or it won’t boot up successfully.

Localized Resource

Installing a Language Pack on SugarCRM is very helpful and detail. Worth reading.

You may found downloadable localized resource in SugarForge: Language Packs. Download your favorite language file in zip format.

For Traditional and Simplified Chinese, you need to download from Downloads tab in SugarCRMCN. I didn’t see Chinese in SugarCE-Add-ons: Language Packs on GitHub.

It used to cost USD 120 on Language Packs page to download but has been gone. Seems there are two different groups maintaining different language packs for Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

File and Directory Permission

If you upload the downloaded language zip file in Administration→Developer Tools→Module Loader, you will see error message like: Failed to copy…. It is related to file and directory permission in TurnKey Linux. A full explain can be found on SugarCRM – Failed to copy cache/upgrades/temp/ etc. etc..

You need to login to TurnKey Linux and use following command to change file and directory owner:

root@sugarcrm ~# cd /var/www
root@sugarcrm /var/www# chown -R www-data:www-data ./sugarcrm

Try again, you should be able to install your language packs now.

Make sure it is enabled after installed.

Choose Localized Menu

Unlike Salesforce.com, it is not configure in personal profile. The language option is available when you login. Your installed and enabled language packs are displayed in Language pull-down menu. Choose first and login as usual.


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