Delete Your Salesforce Developer Org

I have applied a Salesforce Developer org to learn and test. But there is no easy way to reset to default configurations, it seems to delete the current and apply a new one is the easiest solution.

To delete your developer org, go to administration [Setup] to search for “Company Information”. There is a [Deactivate Org] button in this configuration page.

The permanent delete takes 60 days. You may reactivate within 30 days and contact support after 30 days but within 60 days.

I have click on deactivate on 2018/9/1. I will update information on 2018/10/31.


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Linux Becomes Slow After Resume / Suspend

Recently, I built a new computer with ASRock J3455-ITX which has a Apollo Lake processor build-in to run IDE and VisualStudio Code. I have to use OpenSuSE Tumbleweed to replace my favorite Leap because it requires the latest kernel to support Apollo Lake.

Everything seems fine but it becomes very slow after resume / suspend. I have tested many power-related settings in UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) and none of them help. If I logout GNOME and login again, I regain my normal speed.

I try to google “linux slow after resume” and found some useful information. It seems related to

Doug Smythies and jat255 provide detail explain and a solution to restore CPU frequency as a service in Slowdown after resume from suspend on ArchLinux.

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Integrated Google Form and Salesforce Through Google Sheet and WebToAny

To integrate Google Forms and, I choose to use POST method to send data from Sheets to Web to Any and let it do the rest of everything. It provides more security than the building-in W2L by assigning a pageToken to every web form it generates. If a post doesn’t contains pageToken, it simply returns HTTP Error 400 Bad request.

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Line-breaks in Visualforce Page and Salesforce1

I have a filed contains long text in When I use “\n” to move some to next line, it just display an empty space.

If I use “<br>”, it works with outputText with escape=”false” but suffer from scripting-attacks according to VisualForce: convert carriage returns to html line-breaks in a long text field. This doesn’t work for Salesforce1 because “<br>” is displayed without line breaks.

Line breaks and consecutive spaces in outputText are removed on postback and Laurent Stanevich suggests to use outputField replacing outputText. It works in my case on both browser and Salesforce1.


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