Install Chromium OS on ThinkPad X131

My ThinkPad X131e boots slowly on openSUSE and Ubuntu but fast once login. Because it is also marketed as a Chromebook and my happy experience with ASUS Chromebox CN60, I decide to give Chromium OS a try.

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Remove Sites in Google Search Result

To remove fake posts and content, I use Personal Blocklist to prevent them displayed in the google search result. But it doesn’t function properly recently, websites in my block list are still being displayed. I follow the instruction in How to block a specific site from my search result to customize my search parameters to remove them.

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Linux Becomes Slow After Resume / Suspend

Recently, I built a new computer with ASRock J3455-ITX which has a Apollo Lake processor build-in to run IDE and VisualStudio Code. I have to use OpenSuSE Tumbleweed to replace my favorite Leap because it requires the latest kernel to support Apollo Lake.

Everything seems fine but it becomes very slow after resume / suspend. I have tested many power-related settings in UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) and none of them help. If I logout GNOME and login again, I regain my normal speed.

I try to google “linux slow after resume” and found some useful information. It seems related to

Doug Smythies and jat255 provide detail explain and a solution to restore CPU frequency as a service in Slowdown after resume from suspend on ArchLinux.

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Integrated Google Form and Salesforce Through Google Sheet and WebToAny

To integrate Google Forms and, I choose to use POST method to send data from Sheets to Web to Any and let it do the rest of everything. It provides more security than the building-in W2L by assigning a pageToken to every web form it generates. If a post doesn’t contains pageToken, it simply returns HTTP Error 400 Bad request.

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