Using NFS to Share Files on QNAP Between OS X and Linux

I choose to use Network File System aka NFS to share files between OS X and Linux because it’s much faster than Samba. But there is one more thing I need to handle: file and folder permissions.

Allow Connection to NAS

QTS on QNAP is a graphical web interface for easier management.

First, you need to add IP address in NFS host access list in [Control Panel] → [Privilege Settings] → [Shared Folder] and allow for read / write. You may use IP with Netmask to specific range with the same permission. Thanks for correction by Li-chih Wu in Facebook Group: QNAP Geek.

For example, if you want all IP between to with the same permission, use Another is all IP between to with the same permission, use Netmask on Computer Hope is a very detail explain and IP Calculator by Krischan Jodies may calculate for you.

Mounting NFS volumes in OS X on Tech Republic is a good post for first-time OS X user. Automount NFS in OS X from Your Mac / Linux Guy explains with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol aka LDAP.

At first, I leave Squash options as default NO_ROOT_SQUASH. But I notice folder owner created on Linux and OS X are different, files created on one cannot be edit or delete by another.

drwxr-xr-x    5 1000     everyone      4096 Jun 13 19:01 Linux/
drwxr-xr-x    2 501      20            4096 Nov 13 19:01 Mac/

File Permission and Squash Option

Because I want to have full access on files and folders on QNAP, I have to set Squash options to ALL_SQUASH to map all client access to anonymous user according to Linux / Unix Command: exports on

Because I also have to choose guest as UID (no other options), it means to map as guest user on QTS.

drwxr-xr-x    2 guest    guest         4096 Nov 13 21:42 Linux/
drwxr-xr-x   13 guest    guest         4096 Nov 13 21:43 Mac/


This post only apply to QTS on QNAPSynology needs special and manual configurations. If you are using OS X as your NFS server, please refer to EXPORTS(5) on OS X Man Pages.


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