Setup a Surveillance System to Proof Crash of Asus RT-AC1200G+

I write this post is related to ASUS ORDER CUSTOMERS TO PROVIDE VIDEO PROOF ON A CRASH ISSUE THEY HAVE REPRODUCE THAT HAPPENS ON THEM on 1st RMA: From 2017/5/15 till Now section in Asus RT-AC1200G+ Random Reboots Automatically.

Here I use DCS-930L Wireless N Network Camera from D-Link and AS-5102T from Asustor as an example to setup surveillance system and keep track of the light on Asus RT-AC1200G+. I will update with other models in the future.

This is a sink cost owning Asus products when you ask for repair.


If you are using a different device or plan to buy, it’s better to check Asustor Compatibility – IP Camera before begin.

Setup D-Link DCS-930L

You need to use Fast Ethernet to connect to a powered DCS-930L. When it’s turned on, the green light will blink.

Now we need to find the IP address of DCS-930L. I click on clients in [Network Map] Tab in RT-AC51U to get it as below:

Clients in Network Map on RT-AC51u
Clients in Network Map on RT-AC51u

I recommend to change the default password [blank] in [MAINTENANCE] tab by accessing  IP address of DCS-930L with any browser immediately. It’s very dangerous to leave it as default.

work with Surveillance Center 2.6 on Asustor

Install and Setup

Launch App Central and install Surveillance Center 2.6 from [ASUSTOR Apps] tab on AS-5102T.

Now, here is the tricky part. Download and install ASCNPComp.pkg which pops up when you launch Surveillance Center. Restart or launch Safari to open Surveillance Center. For Windows, use Internet Explorer instead. You won’t be able to setup Surveillance Center neither with FireFox nor Chrome. because of incompatibility.

Once you launch Surveillance Center without pop-up, add your camera in [Settings] tab. I choose to enter information manually

Settings of Camera in Surveillance Center 2.6
Settings of Camera in Surveillance Center 2.6


In [Live View] tab of Surveillance Center, select and click on video record icon button to begin. Click again to stop. You may also use AiSecure which is an app designer for mobile/tablets to control.

If you want to fine tune any recording parameters, it is accessible in [Camera] tab of Edit dialog on selected camera.

For your reference, I choose to disable audio, 640×480 in Resolution, 5 for Frame Rate, and 4 for Quality. It takes up 150MB for every 30 minutes. In other words, it takes up about 5GB for 16 hours work every day.

Playback and Upload

Videos are saved to [Surveillance] folder in MKV format separated as individual files by minute and group by hours then date. It may be played by VLC media player and uploaded supported by YouTube.


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