Prerequisite Before you Install OSX with DD-WRT Wireless Router

Before using OS X Recovery to reinstall OS X, there are something need to be done or your Mac will fail to connect to wireless router. Here is what I need to do on my TL-WR842ND running DD-WRT.

StepsLogin to web administration of TL-WR842ND running DD-WRT.

  1. Enable Wireless SSID Broadcast in [Wireless] → [Basic Settings] on the SSID you want to expose.
  2. Make sure WPA2 Personal Mixed is selected in [Wireless] → [Wireless Security] → [Security Mode] on the SSID you want to expose.
  3. Disable MAC Filter in [Wireless] → [MAC Filter] → [Security Mode] on the virtual (network) interface you want to expose.


After installing OS X, I suggest to disable Wireless SSID Broadcast and enable MAC Filter for better security.


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