Upgrade ZurmoCRM in TurnKey Linux

Zurmo does provide an upgrade documentation but it is for Windows. If you look into the zurmoc command in folder /app/protected/commands/, you will see a zurmoc.bat. It doesn’t work for Linux.

Here I am going to show you how to upgrade ZurmoCRM in TurnKey VM. It works for Linux, too.

Download the right upgrade files

For different version of ZurmoCRM, you need to download different files. My demo zurmo is  1.5.14 which is available in “About Zurmo”. Because I want to upgrade to 2.2.3, I have to download two files:

Upload to TurnKey VM

I use FileZilla to upload to VM. You may see ftp information after TurnKey boot up and prompt for TurnKey Linux Configuration Console. You need to put the IP in host, choose “SFTP” as protocol, and use root account to login.

TurnKey Linux Configuration Console
TurnKey Linux Configuration Console

Please create a new folder and rename to upgrade in /var/www/zurmo/app/protected/runtime. Then upload upgrade first file ZurmoUpgrade_1.5.14-2.0.22.zip to this new folder. You cannot upgrade while more than one zip files in upgrade folder.

Upgrade files to TurnKey with FileZilla.
Upgrade files to TurnKey with FileZilla.

Run the upgrade command

Use the Web shell or SSH information in TurnKey Linux Configuration Console to login into TurnKey. Change to folder /var/www/zurmo/app/protected/commands and type following commands to upgrade from 1.5.14 to 2.0.22:

php ./zurmoc.php upgradeZurmo admin runPart1
php ./zurmoc.php upgradeZurmo admin runPart2

If your are using Mercurial which is a revision control system, use the following commands:

php ./zurmoc.php upgradeZurmo admin runPart1 1
php ./zurmoc.php upgradeZurmo admin runPart2

ZurmoCRM upgrade commands and process messages.
ZurmoCRM upgrade commands and process messages.

When it shows Zurmo upgrade completed, you have upgrade to 2.0.22

Repeat above steps to upgrade from 2.0.22 to 2.2.3. Remember to remove ZurmoUpgrade_1.5.14-2.0.22.zip before upload ZurmoUpgrade_2.0.22-2.2.3.zip. Don’t leave two zip files in upgrade folder at the same time.


2013/11/8 Fri ZurmoUpgrade_2.2.3-2.5.1.zip is available now


  1. Zurmo: Upgrades
  2. ZurmoUpgrade_1.5.14-2.0.22.zip
  3. ZurmoUpgrade_2.0.22-2.2.3.zip
  4. ZurmoUpgrade_2.2.3-2.5.1.zip
  5. Wiki: Mercurial

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