Use PSP Framework to Choose your NAS

In the last 8 month I have invest 9 different NAS. At first, I want to protect my files from hardware failure. Then quickly change to have both RAID 1 and version archive. Eventually, my requirement becomes a server appliance to backup and run my LAMP applications.

I review my investment and design the PSP framework which stands for Protection, Scenario, and Performance to help choosing a right NAS.

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How We Choose Our New Stainless Steel Cookware, and Cleaning

A recently news about the leak of manganese from stainless steel cookware during heating will damage health catch my eyes. Some manufacture cut cost by using 200 series instead of 300 series which increase the potential.

I warns me to check what we use everyday.


After checking our cookware, I found some of them are already corrosion. One even has a small hole that I may see through the light from the other side. Then I decide to replace them.

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