My Favorite WordPress Developer Resource

Here is a list of my favorite resource related to WordPress. It will be maintained and update regularly.

  1. Plugin: Advanced Menu Widget, Custom Widget Area, jQuery Mega Menu Widget, Len Slider, and WP UI.
  2. Plugin How-To: Play with shortcode
  3. Theme Collection
  4. Theme How-To: Customize Twenty Twelve
  5. Others: Topics worth pay attention

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Different Languages in WordPress Theme and Admin

In my previous WordPress project, we need to provide contents for Japanese reader. I work with a marketing team who is not familiar with Japanese. They would like to work with Traditional Chinese but the WordPress localization would turn every thing into local language. How to keep theme with Japanese while admin with Traditional Chinese?

I am going to explain bi-language WordPress in the following orders:

  1. Theme in Traditional Chinese while Admin in English
  2. Theme in English while Admin in Traditional Chinese
  3. Theme in Japanese while Admin in Traditional Chinese or Japanese

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