Install ownCloud on your NAS

As I have mentioned in Use TurnKey to Simplify ownCloud Installation, it is easier to use TurnKey ownCloud than setup on your computer. If you want to install it on your NAS, I have collected related resource here to save your time.

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Assign a different Directory in ownCloud to Store All Backup Files

In Use TurnKey to Simplify ownCloud Installation, you may host your TurnKey ownCloud. In Access Shared Folder on VirtualBox from Guest Linux VM, you may use a shared folder on host from guest VM.

How about host TurnKey ownCloud and ask it to save all backup files in a shared folder on host to save efforts increasing the Virtual Machine Disk? Even on a different internal hard drive or external RAID for better protection?

You need to manually change the ownCloud configuration file and add www-data to vboxsf group in Linux.

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Use TurnKey to Simplify ownCloud Installation

TurnKey is an convenient way to test new software without changing your work environment. No need to worried about the extra package or configuration might make your system becomes unstable. I like it very much!

I was looking for a Droprbox-like solution for backup small or frequently changed files. It must keep versions, auto-sync, and fast. Iomega Quick Sync is my favorite in 2001 but it’s not available in Linux and haven’t update for a long time. [Cloud] OwnCloud, a self-owned DropBox-Like Server(Chinese Version) catch my eye. Because ownCloud is available on TurnKey, I download and test it in VirtualBox. I also install the ownCloud desktop sync client in OpenSuSE 12.3 and it works great on Linux.

I am going to show you how to test TurnKey ownCloud in VirtualBox and share how I may use it in production.

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