Different Languages in WordPress Theme and Admin

In my previous WordPress project, we need to provide contents for Japanese reader. I work with a marketing team who is not familiar with Japanese. They would like to work with Traditional Chinese but the WordPress localization would turn every thing into local language. How to keep theme with Japanese while admin with Traditional Chinese?

I am going to explain bi-language WordPress in the following orders:

  1. Theme in Traditional Chinese while Admin in English
  2. Theme in English while Admin in Traditional Chinese
  3. Theme in Japanese while Admin in Traditional Chinese or Japanese

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Add more Input Method in OpenSuSE 13.1

I need to use Traditional Chinese in OpenSuSE. To be able to input Traditional Chinese correctly, I need extra input method which support Traditional Chinese. It is same to Japanese, Thai, and etc.

In OpenSuSE 13.1, add an extra input method is different from 12.3. I am going to show you how to add my favorite Chewing (aka 新酷音)and switch between English and Chinese input method as in Windows 7 or earlier.

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