Manage Ubuntu Kernels

Display and peripheral issues are always related to the kernel drivers and modules. Upgrade to a newer kernel version might help.

There are many tools to manage kernels[1]:

  1. Manage with the[2]
  2. Manage with the Ubuntu Mainline Kernel Installer[3]
  3. Manage with dpkg[4]
  4. Low Latency vs Generic Kernel
  5. Upgrade to a Low Latency Kernel
  6. The GRUB[5] Configuration
  7. Remove Unused Kernel
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Partition Error and Fail to Install GRUB on Windows 8 Hard Disk

I have install Windows 8 Professional on my hard disk. It works fine until it is moved to another computer for Linux.

At first, I useĀ Clonezilla to do drive-to-drive copy. It fails to copy grub to destination disk. Even I use GPartrd to delete all existing partition, it’s the same.

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