On 2012/12/31, I leave my last company to explore new possibility.

CRM from Best Practices

The first thing I want to do!

During the past few years, I see people investing on CRM but what they really want is to manage their business. I want to help them to optimize their existing business process from best practices. Use computer system to improve efficiency and easier to audit. Focus on people than products.

I keep CRM practices on Amigo’s CRM Notes and related computer technologies on Amigo’s Technical Notes.

Event Host

I love to share face to face!

Making public speech and launching campaigns help me to talk to real people. I will also gain more real-world experience by hosting events. No more cold numbers on paper. They are meaningful signs to every campaign.

Preparing presentation helps me to think before I leap. To express my ideas more thoughtfully.

All campaigns have their introduction page on Amigo’s Campaigns.

Model Thinking with Zen

What I want to deliver!

Models help to think. With a wise Zen Master, you may solve many problems on your own. The basic concept comes from a story between Su Shi and 佛印. I plan to build it as a Web service for easier access with a browser on different platform.


Reach me on LinkedIn: Amigo Chen!

Below are my certification and authorized logos. You may also check my service on Strikingly in Traditional Chinese and English.

Salesforce Level 1 Certified


  1. Amigo’s Campaigns
  2. Amigo’s CRM Notes
  3. Amigo’s Technical Notes
  4. Javelin: Experiment Board
  5. LinkedIn: Amigo Chen
  6. Wiki: Best practice
  7. Wiki: Customer relationship management
  8. Wiki: Su Shi
  9. Wiki: Zen
  10. Wiki: 佛印 (宋朝)

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