Moving to Ryzen 3 2200G and Improve Jonsbo C2’s Airflow

Because of the Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS)[1] vulnerabilities in 2018, computers have a huge performance impact after mitigation. Apple suggests disabling hyper-threading (HT) for full mitigation.[2] My i3-370 (ThinkPad T410i), i5-6200u (ThinkPad L460), and i5-3210M (Mac Mini Late 2012) are all using HT. Maybe that’s why they slowdown considerably since 2019.

On the other hand, J3455 is a quad-core processor. It’s more responsive than the dual-core and the dual-core-quad-thread processors. I decided to build the next primary desktop with an AMD quad-core processor without simultaneous multithreading (SMT)[3].

  1. Computer Parts
  2. Implementation
  3. Temperature and Power Consumption
  4. Concerns

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Upgrade J3455B-ITX’s 5×5 CPU Fan to a 12×12 Intake Fan

In my previous post[1], a 5×5 CPU fan solve the heating issue. When I restore the HDD frame, it blocks the CPU fan to pull enough cold air through the roof vent holes aka ventilation holes.

Geeek A1 Mini-ITX case[2] has room for 4 5x5cm case fans and a 9x9cm CPU fan. Sound like a perfect solution. But after watching YouTube videos from TastyPC (7:02, 7:37)[3], Tech By Matt (1:26)[4], and Cevin T.[5], I decided to customize the case and upgrade to a more powerful case fan. It’s more fun.

  1. Improve Wind Tunnel for the CPU Heatsink
  2. Upgrade to a 12×12 Roof Fan

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