Remove Sites in Google Search Result

To remove fake posts and content, I use Personal Blocklist to prevent them displayed in the google search result. But it doesn’t function properly recently, websites in my block list are still being displayed. I follow the instruction in How to block a specific site from my search result to customize my search parameters to remove them.

Customize Search Engine

  1. In Chrome settings, search for “Manage search engines”.
  2. Add a new search engine in “Other search engines” section.
    1. “Search engine” is the displayed name in “Manage search engines” page.
    2. “Keyword” is the accelerator used when you want to use this customized search in Chrome’s Address Bar.
    3. “URL with %s in place of query” is the query string which will be added automatically while using this “Search engine”. Use “-” before the URL keyword. Use “+” to join parameters.
  3. After being saved, use the “Make default” to promote to “Default search engines” section. It would be applied on right mouse search or URL automatically.

Here is my customized search engine:


I may use “mg” at the beginning in Chrome’s Address Bar to specify the search engine. Because I have set mine as the default, “My Google” would be used automatically without specifying “mg”.

Here is an example:


  1. Google Search Help Forum: How to block a specific site from my search result
  2. Personal Blocklist (by Google)

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