Salesforce Custom Buttons, Links, and Actions Tips

Here are some tips I experience while customize Buttons, Links, and Actions on I will put related tips/notes here.

Use a Button to Launch a Windows Program

To simplify integration with Windows applications, I use protocol links in URL. For example, when I try to browser a Lotus Notes bookmark notes://lotuesnotes/12345, Lotus Notes Desktop Client will be launch and display the document.

If I want to create a button open a Lotus Notes bookmark in Lotus Notes Bookmark field on Task object, I have to configure a custom button:

  1. Click New Button or Link to create a new button
  2. Select Detail Page Button in Display Type
  3. Select Execute JavaScrip in Behavior
  4. Select OnClick JavaScript in Content Source
  5. Put following JavaScript in code/function area:"{!Task.LotusNotesBookmark__c}");

Remember to put this new button on your detail page.


  1. Microsoft: Registering an Application to a URI Scheme
  2. ShotGun Support: Launching applications using custom browser protocols
  3. Salesforce: Open pdf static resource with button press in new window
  4. StackOverflow: How to launch an application from a browser?

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