Initializing and Inviting Viewers on Private Sites

When I am implementing CRM projects, I always create a private site for internal marketing. It helps end users to find resource and feedback. Let me explain how to initialize a private site and invite viewers on in this post.

Make It Private

Here are my settings for a private site on

  1. In [Settings] → [Reading], select [I would like my site to be private, visible only to myself and users I choose] in Site Visibility.
  2. In [Settings] → [Sharing], disable social media service except Email, SkyPE, and Print for internal sharing.

Although semantic URL is not necessary, I preferred to use it for easier understand links. It is always enabled in While hosting WordPress myself, it’s available in [Settings] → [Permalinks].

For themes, I preferred RWD (responsive web design) which adapts to difference device resolution automatically. It’s for UX (user experience) more than SEO (search engine optimization) to me.

Invite Viewers

Private sites are only available to approved users. For those who access site URL directly, they need to have a account and request an invite.

To invite viewers, click on [Users] → [Invite New]. will ask for verification to access any settings within [Users]. I may verify by approving on Apps or provide a code generated by Authy which is a two-factor authentication app.

After being verified successfully, I put the emails in Usernames or Email Addresses and select [Viewer] in Role. [Viewer] is only available on private site. It’s different to [Follower] on public site. More explain on roles may be found in User Roles.

After sent out, I may track response and status in Past Invitations. For those who request invites won’t be seen here. You may Resend to re-invite or Delete to stop tracking.

Once being accepted, I will receive an email with subject “Amigo accepted your invitation to Amigo’s Tech Notes” which is “[to be invited user] accepted your invitation to [private site]”.

If you want to remove someone, you need to switch to the new administration interface by clicking [My Sites] on upper left cornet. It is not available in [WP Admin]. To see all users, click on [Configure] → [People]. Existing users are separated by upper role tabs. Find the one and use Remove to remove him.

Being Invited

He will receiver an email with subject “Amigo invited you to be a viewer of Amigo’s Tech Notes” which is  “[inviter] invited you to be a viewer of [private site]”.

Click on Accept Invitation button and login to to answer. If he doesn’t have a account yet, register at the same page is possible. Remember to click on [Confirm Now] button in verify email with subject “Activate Amigo” which is “Activate [registered user name]” once registered.

After login, it will prompt for confirm “Would you like to be able to view Amigo’s Tech Notes? As a viewer, you will be able to view the private site Amigo’s Tech Notes.” which is “Would you like to be able to view [private site]? As a viewer, you will be able to view the private site [private site].” Click Join to confirm.

Once confirmed, he will receive two emails with subject “You have been added!” and “You are now a viewer of: Amigo’s Tech Notes” which is “You are now a viewer of: [private site]”. Inviter receives “Amigo accepted your invitation to Amigo’s Tech Notes” which is  “[to be invited user] accepted your invitation to [private site]”.

Click on Visit Site in email to see this private site.


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