Manage Books with Google Photos

Google Photo is very useful to manage my reading notes and interesting sections. Once digitalize, I can read everywhere. It also saves space.

While reading, I use sticker post-it to bookmark. After finishing, I use a smart phone to take photos. They will be uploaded to Google Photos automatically . Then, I retouch them, group as an album, and add text to keep notes on desktop computer. Here are steps:

  1. Select and add photos to a new Album in [Photos] tab.
  2. Give this album a new name. I use a tag [ebook] to highlight category.
  3. In album edit mode, use [Add Text] to separate and group sections with a topic.
  4. Use [Add Text] to drop a note.
  5. Click on [Done] (a check mark) to finish editing.
  6. Click on a photo to view. [Shift+r] to rotate if necessary.
  7. Use [e] key to enter edit mode.
  8. Click on [Crop & rotate] which is on the upper-right corner to crop. Click [DONE] button to return to photo edit mode.
  9. Apply [Vista] which is a color filter converting colors to high contrast (gray scale). It’s easier to read text. Click [Done] to finish editing.
  10. Use [→] key for next and repeat until all done.

Google Photo Accelerators

Here is a list of Google Photos accelerators which I found on Google Photos adds more Keyboard Shortcuts to the Web. Sometimes keyboard is easier and faster than a mouse.

← → Previous or next photo
x Select
ESC Back, close, or deselect
/ Search your photos
o Show original
a Auto enhance
Shift + r Rotate
# Delete
e Edit photo
Z or +/- Zoom photo
i Show or hide info
Shift + d Download


  1. Android Headlines: Google Photos adds more Keyboard Shortcuts to the Web
  2. Google Photos

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