Manage Books with Google Photos

Google Photo is very useful to manage my reading notes and interesting sections. Once digitalize, I can read everywhere. It also saves space.

While reading, I use sticker post-it to bookmark. After finishing, I use a smart phone to take photos. They will be uploaded to Google Photos automatically . Then, I retouch them, group as an album, and add text to keep notes on desktop computer. Here are steps:

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Asus RT-AC1200G+ Random Reboots Automatically


I cannot create nor reply posts on Asus’s official forum to help others suffering from the random crash. Seems they have block my permission. Please leave your message if you have any question about the random reboot.

I have upgraded to from This is recommended by Pro @ 2018/05/11 at 17:35. It is very stable since 2018/05/13. There is no reboot and any other issue to me. It also fixes the un-replaceable device icon issue.

The firmware may be downloaded from Asus’s support page. There is a newer which I have never tried. 

The original post begins:

I bought a new Asus RT-AC1200G+ to replace my RT-AC51U for better signal and Gigabit Ethernet. It’s much faster to copy files to/from QNAP TS-119PII now. But I notice it drops internet connection several times a day, I am sure there is nothing wrong with my tethering device as described in “Android USB Tethering Drops and Data Usage Crashes, try Reset“. All the following time is GMT + 8.

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