Use a Toggle to Switch HotSpot Status on Android

Unlike my other Android device, ZTE Blade Vec 4G doesn’t comes with any widget for HotSpot. It has to be enabled by accessing setup menu which is too complex for my Aunty. I found some useful apps on Google Play using keywords”hotspot toggle”. Here are the best two I like:

HotSpot Toggle

It is made by Mehdy Bohlool and comes as a widget on your launcher. After installation, you need to drag this widget to your launcher manually. It’s even more convenient than using a widget in drawer because you may manage on launcher directly.

When enabled, it shows blue icon as left. On the other hand, it is black as right. It takes 2 to 3 seconds to enable on my ZTE Blade Vec 4G.

HotSpot Toggle Status

Power Toggles

How to Add a Hotspot Shortcut to the Android Home Screen on How-To Geek is a detail explain on Power Toggles.

I like the control-bar-like widget. It is very easy to add/remove items. But for some items, eg. USB Tethering, it just pop-up corresponding setting page. I cannot toggle with just single-click. Maybe it’s related to system restriction.

Final Words

Anyway, both are great apps. I install HotSpot Toggle on ZTE Blade Vec 4G for my Aunty and Power Toggles on Sony Xperia C3. It saves time and make life easier.


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  4. How-To Geek: How to Add a Hotspot Shortcut to the Android Home Screen
  5. Sony: Xperia C3
  6. ZTE: ZTE Blade Vec 4G

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