Reinstall Synology DSM

Recently, I boot my Synology DS214SE with error message about my hard drive. After re-initializing and re-installing packages, it still doesn’t work properly. Therefore, I decide to re-install DSM.

How to reset your Synology NAS has very detail, step-by-step, instructions.

  1. Use a pin to push reset button until the first beep.
  2. Push again beep within 10 seconds. It will beep 3 times and restart.
  3. After restart, you will be asked to re-install your DSM as below.
DSM Re-install Screen
DSM Re-install Screen

If you want to install a different version, check Downgrade Synology DSM.


  1. Downgrade Synology DSM
  2. Synology: DS214SE
  3. Synology: DSM
  4. Synology: How to reset your Synology NAS

4 thoughts on “Reinstall Synology DSM

    1. Interesting! Thanks for update. I already solve my DS214SE earlier this year and cannot confirm your steps.


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