Add a Jheng Hei Font in Ubuntu

The default font in OpenSUSE is Jhen Hei but Ubuntu is Standard Kai. I preferred Jhen Hei than Standard Kai because it is easier to read. Besides, I always create presentation with Jhen Hei font on OpenSUSE. It fail to display properly in Ubuntu because the lack of corresponding Jhen Hei font.

You need to use following commands to download and create font cache for Wen Quan Yi Jheng Hei font (文泉驛正黑體) in Ubuntu which is one of the free Jhen Hei font available.

sudo apt-get install ttf-wqy-zenhei
sudo fc-cache -v


  1. OpenSUSE
  2. Ubuntu
  3. Ubuntu 正體中文 Wiki: UbuntuL10n

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