Time to Change, Again

I begin to blog on Amigo’s Technical Notes in English at 2013/11/1 and focus on computer technology. Now, I want to explore more opportunities on event hosting, public speech, and CRM.

Mix Makes Confused

In the last few weeks, I create some landing pages as posts for campaigns. These campaigns are for local people and communicate in Chinese. Therefore, I use Traditional Chinese to write my post. Therefore, there are two different languages on Amigo’s Technical Notes. The front page becomes more difficult to read. I would be confused if I were the first-time visitor.

To solve this problem, I decide to create a new website for campaign only. By separating campaign, computer technology, and languages, it should help them focus on their own purpose. I plan to launch two campaigns every month. Amigo’s Campaigns will be updated less often than Amigo’s Technical Notes.

After moving all campaign-related posts to Amigo’s Campaigns, I also replace original content with a redirect url to help visitors found the corresponding post on the new website. I plan to remove them at the end of 2014 eventually. It should help Amigo’s Technical Notes focus on computer technology and use English as the primary language.

Begin my CRM Plan

CRM is something difficult to explain on Amigo’s Technical Notes. I want to share best practice and practical experience but it’s not all computer technology related. Therefore, I decide to create Amigo’s CRM Notes and write in Traditional Chinese.

Why not to write in English? Because it requires more high-touch experience with people, it’s better with local market. I will also use  Amigo’s Campaigns to offer more online to offline CRM events to meet people who is interested to learn sales and marketing practice.

Time for New Challenge

Two websites just born after my birthday. I can see life becomes more busy and interesting. Especially I could reach more people in life, it’s different from online community nor comments on my post.

There are still many challenge to overcome. How to invite more people for campaign? How to increase landing page convert rate? How to prepare a content-rich presentation? How to continue blogging? It’s excited for me to see new challenge and enjoy the process!


  1. Amigo’s Campaigns
  2. Amigo’s CRM Notes
  3. Amigo’s Technical Notes
  4. Wiki: Best practice
  5. Wiki: Customer relationship management

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