Campaign in Mozilla Space Taiwan

My first self-hosted campaign “以 RESTful 設計大型架構的技巧” is in Mozilla Space Taiwan. If you are looking for a place for Open Web, Free software, and Open-source related campaigns, check this out!

Campaign Page and Registration

From my marketing experience in Taipei, you need 4 weeks prior for campaign due date to begin promotion and double the number of available seats for registration.

To save time, I didn’t use Sites to create a landing page or Salesforce for reregistration.  Instead, I subscribe a free account on AccuPass and focus on promoting my campaign in local community.

CRM Service for Startup

I want to provide event host service as an extension to my CRM service for startups. In the past few years, I have earned a lot of campaign design and execution experience. Now, I would like to share with you to help you accelerate. Besides,  there are even more things after campaign to convert leads into customers.

If you are a startup and need a campaign to generate leads, please reach me on LinkedIn. I would like to know more about your software/service and see if there is any chance we could work it out together.

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