PocketDuino is the Arduino for Android Developer

Arduino can sense the environment by receiving input from a variety of sensors and can affect its surroundings by controlling lights, motors, and other actuators… From Arduino

Now, you may connect Arduino to Android device and add more different sensor on it. This is PocketDuino!

 PocketDuino is not a MiniPC

It is not a full function PC which I have mentioned in “Low Price ARM Series Mini PC” section of More Sub-US$300 Mini PC to run LAMP. It helps your computer to talk to other Arduino-compatible boards (aka Shields) including sensors, LED, motor controls, GPS, ethernet, LCD, breadboard, and etc.

Develop PocketDuino Applications

For Arduino developers, you need a PC to build programs. Then upload to Arduino via USB. With PocketDuino, it is connected with your Android where you build your program and upload via microUSB.

For apps who need to communicate with Arduino device, they need to communicate via web service. With PocketDuino, they may communicate via microUSB which simplify the whole process and is easier to debug. PocketDuino provides PhysicaloidLibrary for easier programming.

PocketDuino Architecture illustrated.

You may check it on PocketDuino and its applications illustrated which runs on Cacoo, too.

How to Get PocketDuino

It is currently available on Indiegogo. Join and get your PocketDuino now!


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