ECS LIVA is a Cheaper, Smaller, and Quieter Solution to ZurmoCRM than NAS

I read an interesting Traiditonal Chinese review on ECS LIVA today and wondering if it could be a better alternative solution than NAS to run ZurmoCRM?

Hardware Spec

liliputing has an English news for ECS LIVA but not much discussion. More detail information could be found in Japan’s ITmedia PC USER_ and PC Watch.

According to above media, here is a basic list of its hardware spec:

  1. Intel Celeron N2806
  2. 32GB eMMC
  3. 2GB RAM
  4. Broadcom 802.11n and BlueTooth 4.0 in M.2
  5. RJ-45 GbE
  6. USB 3.0 * 1, USB 2.0 * 1
  7. HDMI and VGA (D-Sub)
  8. Micro USB Power Adapter

Hardware Benchmark

BayTrail Processor

According to PassMark CPU Benchmarks – Low Mid Range CPU, the Bay Trail N2806 is 936 while Atom D510 and Atom D2700 are 676 and 842 respectively.

Bay Trail On The Desktop: Celeron J1750 Gets Benchmarked on Tom’s Hardware provides more information are the new architecture.


According to 電腦王, the sequential read and write are 123.6MB/s and 39.88MB/s respectively.

My Thoughts

According to my Asustor AS-602T as a ZurmoCRM Application Server Performance Report, I expect to see performance improvement over Shuttle X50V2 and Asustor AS-602T if I run TurnKey Linux ZurmoCRM on it.

Here is a list of pro and cons if I want to install TurnKey Linux ZurmoCRM:


  1. Faster than Atom D510 and Atom D2700.
  2. Quieter compared to NAS using hard drive.
  3. Smaller than NAS.
  4. Consume less power than NAS.
  5. Build-in GbE and 802.11n for flexible choice of networking.
  6. Provides more RAM than NAS without upgrade.
  7. 32GB eMMC is more than enough for TurnKey Linux ZurmoCRM.
  8. Provides USB 3.0 for faster device.
  9. VGA is more common than HDMI.
  10. Cheaper than Atom NAS.


  1. Limited eMMC write life.
  2. No Kensington Security Slot.

More Thoughts

Is it possible to provide more software as a server appliance in the future? In Why NAS is Getting More and More Popular, I can see NAS is trying to provide more features in one box. But if a server appliance is under US$200, is it possible to buy software as a box with both software and hardware together? Just plug-and-play!


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