Troubleshoot Thecus N2310 Installation Problems

I bought a new Thecus N2310 to learn ThecusOS 6 and see if I may port ZurmoCRM on it. The installation is very time consuming due to some issues. Read on if you have installation problems.

The HDD Tray doesn’t Work as you Expect

When I push the start button, I can feel the vibration from Seagate Barracuda but the blue power light is blinking, fan never work, and the HDD light never on. I also check my TL-WR842ND, it was never assigned an IP from DHCP server. According to New N2310 blue LED keeps blinking – can’t install! (Solved) on Thecus Forum, it seems I am not alone.

When I swap my HDD tray from Disk 1 (Left) to 2 (Right) and turn on again, it is detected by Thecus Intelligent NAS after 50 seconds. The HDD light is on and the fan begin to work but the power is till blinking waiting for other steps.

After fighting with the initial steps, I finally login to web admin successful. Then I swap Disk 2 to 1 to test again. Surprisingly, it works now! Therefore, it is not problems with connectors. you just need to push the HDD tray to the slot a little harder.

Never Ending Initializing

After installation, if you follow the steps in Quickly Reset the Hard Disk in your QNAP Device as New to remove the partitions, you won’t be able to pass the initializing step. You will see the progress bar working but never end up.

You should follow the Fix the GPT Error in Partition Error and Fail to Install GRUB on Windows 8 Hard Disk to remove ThecusOS 6 on your hard drive. Get a Linux and use gdisk to wipe out the boot sector and partitions.

Thecus Setup Timeline

For your reference, this is what I have experienced setting up Thecus N2310. It might help you to understand whether you should give it more time to finish.

00:00 Turn on power.
00:50 HDD light is on and static white.
01:00 Detected by Thecus Intelligent NAS program with status [Booting].
01:12 Status changed to [Create RAID].
If it display [ASSIST][RAID], fix your boot sector and partitions or with never ending initializing.

After successfully creating your RAID configuration, keep going.

00:00 Press [Continue] button.
Status changed from [Initializing] → [Initializing RPM] → [Initializing].
If the HDD light is static white, it is not working.
09:50 Beep and reboot.

You shall be able to use your browser to login to the web admin interface by Thecus N2310 after reboot.

The last step is to upgrade your Thecus OS6 in [Control Panel] → [Application Server] → [NAS Application] by upgrading [System Files].


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