Use ext4 in External Storage among Linux, MacOSX, and Windows

My Buffalo HD-LX2TU3 comes with NTFS pre-formatted. Because I have Linux and Windows PC, and maybe a OSX later, I decide to use ext4 to minimize invalid characters in filenames. : ” \ / * ? < > | are not allowed in Windows NTFS but only / in ext4 and : in OSX.

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Use PSP Framework to Choose your NAS

In the last 8 month I have invest 9 different NAS. At first, I want to protect my files from hardware failure. Then quickly change to have both RAID 1 and version archive. Eventually, my requirement becomes a server appliance to backup and run my LAMP applications.

I review my investment and design the PSP framework which stands for Protection, Scenario, and Performance to help choosing a right NAS.

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