Use ext4 in External Storage among Linux, MacOSX, and Windows

My Buffalo HD-LX2TU3 comes with NTFS pre-formatted. Because I have Linux and Windows PC, and maybe a OSX later, I decide to use ext4 to minimize invalid characters in filenames. : ” \ / * ? < > | are not allowed in Windows NTFS but only / in ext4 and : in OSX.

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Use PSP Framework to Choose your NAS

In the last 8 month I have invest 9 different NAS. At first, I want to protect my files from hardware failure. Then quickly change to have both RAID 1 and version archive. Eventually, my requirement becomes a server appliance to backup and run my LAMP applications.

I review my investment and design the PSP framework which stands for Protection, Scenario, and Performance to help choosing a right NAS.

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Fail to Launch TurnKey Linux in VirtualBox After Importing

TurnKey Linux should be the easiest way to test new applications. Download, unzip, and import to your VM. Now you are ready to launch.

But it doesn’t work after upgrading my Oracle VM VirtualBox, I cannot boot to VM after importing. It just stops and halt. At first, I think something wrong with my file. But after downloading it again, it is still the same.

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