How To Get Running On QNAP Storage Devices To TRIM SSDs?

Maybe that’s why the SSD write test on TS-112 and TS119PII are slower than traditional hard drive. Need to enable trim in QNAP. For Linux kernel 2.6.33, trim is disabled by default.


Since I stick my Intel SSD X25-M G2 160GB into my QNAP TS-459 Pro the performance started to decrease due to the absence of a garbage collector, aka TRIM.

Indeed if a SSD doesn’t trim, then every write to a previously written block must first be read, erased, modified, and re-written to the same location thus crippling write performance.

Since I have run quite some benchmark tests, and massively copied large files such .vmdk and .iso files and deleted them all afterward, the write performance got lower and lower.

My TS-459 runs a Linux QNAPNAS02 which does support natively TRIM function but I was sad to learn that while it’s available, it is not used at all because it is inadequate for today’s real TRIM hardware. This is not a QNAP problem but an issue with the Linux kernel developers. In the interim Mark Lord, who’s by the way one…

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