Performance Comparison on Backup Linux Files to QNAP TS-212P

I invest a new QNAP TS-212P which has RAID 1 support, a faster Marvell 88F6282 at 1.6GHz, and more RAM (512MB) compare to my QNAP TS-112 with Marvell 88F6281 at 1.2GHz and 256MB RAM. I bought two Seagate SV-35 2TB for it.

But things doesn’t goes as I expect, it fails to backup some of my files. I never have the same problem on Buffalo HD-LX2TU3 with ext4.

Linux Client

I use OpenSuSE 13.1 on my ThinkCentre Edge 72z. If you want to back up from different systems, : ” \ / * ? < > | are invalid characters in filenames in Windows NTFS but only / in ext4 and : in OSX according to Invalid Characters in File Names.

Using Network File System (NFS) Service with QNAP TS-112 provides comprehensive information about how to enable NFS on QTS 4.0 device.

I use showmount -e [NAS IP] to check for available shared folders and mount it as a local drive by mount -t nfs [NAS IP]:[Shared Folder] [Local Folder].

FreeFileSync is used to backup files here.

Performance Comparison: NFS and Samba

File Transfer via NFS and Samba on QNAP TS-212P with RAID1.
File Transfer via NFS and Samba on QNAP TS-212P with RAID1.

NFS write speed is not as fast as Samba. But it’s much better than backup to Buffalo HD-LX2TU3 with ext4 on ThinkCentre Edge 72z via USB 2.0.

More Thoughts

A media reports that Marvell: Marvell 88F6282 SoC running at 1.6GHz is not as good as Marvell ARMADA 370 at 1.2GHz on Synology DS213j. I only know ARMADA 370 is better because of dual-issue, out-of-oder, double L1 cache (32K), and FPU from datasheet. See if I may invest on it to proof the different.


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