Salesforce REST returned in JSON not XML

When I am testing a Salesforce REST with Chrome, it was displayed in XML format. Therefore, I try to use SimpleXML with PHP to parse but never work. It is not SOAP and has nothing wrong with xmlsns (XML name space), neither.

XML displayed in Chrome with XML Tree installed
XML displayed in Chrome with XML Tree installed

I begin to wondering what my browser really get. First, I add a if statement to help me identify if the XML is load successfully after they get something from return:

$xml = simplexml_load_string($output);
if ($xml==false) $output = “False”; else $output=”Success!”;

The answer is “False”. I think there are something wrong with the returned value. But what’s the returned value? I remove XML related code and get something like this:


It is JSON! I was wrong. That’s why I never get what I want because I use a XML parser to interpret the returned string.

PHP has a json_decode which may parse JSON into arrray. I only need to use json_decode($output)->{‘fl_mobile__c’} or json_decode($output)->fl_mobile__c to access the fl_mobile__c field in return value.

Sometimes when I got nothing, it’s a good idea to check everything by dumping the value from beginning again.


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