Use a Static IP in TurnKey VM

Every time you launch TurnKey from VirtualBox, it will be assigned a new IP from DHCP server. It is a little bit annoying with ZurmoCRM because you need to manually change the host info setting. For WordPress, it may become an migration issue: if the URL  length is change, the serialize data may not work properly.
I choose to use static IP to save my time. You need to manually change the network settings in TurnKey VM.

If you are in using Web shell login to TurnKey VM, please  Launch Turnkey Linux Configuration Console by below command:


In console, choose [Advanced Menu] → [Networking] → [Static IP]  for Network settings. Then choose [Apply] if you are comfortable for the IP address. Now, it’s done.

Next time when you launch ZurmoCRM, the IP shall be the same. No need to change the configuration again.


  1. Test your ZurmoCRM with VirtualBox
  2. Migrating WordPress Blogs: Fixing the Serialization
  3. TurnKey: Configuration Console

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