Demo of Price Books, Products, and Quotes in Salesforce

I record three quick demo for different Salesforce users to explain how to process a quote.

A quote should be based on the product in price book and with flexibility to support sales price and list price. You might need audit logs and approval process for important quotes if necessary.

Price Books and Products for Marketing

A quick demo for the Price Book feature in Salesforce to marketing users.

From my experience, price book is create by marketing department or sales head. They need to create price book for different market.

Each price book contains many products to the specific market. Sales may use these information to create a Quote quickly and minimize typo.

When the price book is out of date, remember to disable to prevent from using the outdated data.

Quote for Sales

The Quote object is default disabled in Salesforce. Please enable when you need it.

Don’t forget to turn on the tab for Price Books and Products. Make sure appropriate Standard Object Permissions for Quotes, Price Books, and Products.

For example, sales only need the full access for Quotes and read access for Price Books and Products. Marketing doesn’t need access to Quotes object. They need full access for Price Book and products.

Salesforce Setting for Quote and Profiles for Administrator

A quick demo for the Quote feature in Salesforce to sales users.

Sales need to prepare quotes for opportunities. There are many price book files and sometimes mistakes happen. It always hurt trust between customers and sales.

Selecting products from valid price book is the best way to minimize this mistake and keep an auditable log. A PDF version of the Quote may be create automatically by pushing a button in Salesforce. You may also design an approval process to confirm the Quote before send to customers.

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